Magnolia Genie


Magnolia ‘Genie’ is a breakthrough in magnolia breeding. It is important to name plants carefully to stir the imagination. When naming plants it is important to capture some essence of the plant, and “Genie’ came about from the magical qualities “She” possesses. The question soon came up: “Has she granted 3 wishes?” If you consider the qualities of the plant she has: A GOOD GARDEN PLANT: it has healthy foliage, doesn’t grow too large. CONSISTENT COLOUR: it flowers for about ten weeks through spring and again in summer with a consistent red colour. A GOOD BREEDER: M. x ‘Genie’ shows the potential to upgrade any hybrid cross that was originally done with M. liliiflora ‘Nigra’.
‘Genie’ has gone on to form the foundation of 90% of the breeding work at Magnolia Grove.
In 2011 ‘Genie’ won first prize at the International Plant trade Fair at Essen, Germany. This gave Magnolia Grove a strong step onto the world stage of magnolia breeders.
So far ‘Genie’ has proved hardy to -24*C in Hungary. There is nowhere in New Zealand that we can test this since any region that gets that cold here will kill magnolias in summer.