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Magnolia Deryk

One of the first flowers on Deryk as a 3 year old seedling. One of the first flowers on Deryk as a 3 year old seedling.

'Deryk' is named in honour of Deryk Lawrence who, along with his wife Nancy, developed a garden over a period of 20 years at Otamarakau, south of Te Puke. As the garden developed, wild magnolia seedlings came up and Deryk quietly took them aside and lined them out to see how they flowered. The first he named after his wife Nancy, and subsequent seedlings were named after their grand daughters Anya, Kaira, Rebecca and Roslind. These selections all represent a significant addition to the range of named magnolia hybrids, even though their parentage is not accurately known.

This is a hybrid raised at Magnolia Grove as part of the first range of hybrids derived from 'Genie'. 'Deryk' is an unusually dark hybrid showing clearly the influence from the 'Genie' parent. It is a rich glowing velvet red and in some lights the colour becomes almost brick red.

One of the first features of the variety to catch our attention is that it sets flowers on all the tips, this means it will tend to be slower growing.



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