Magnolia 'Aurora' was raised by Os Blumhardt of Whangarei and is probably his best hybrid. It is a cross between 'Starwars' and M. sargentiana var robusta. It forms a columnar tree with an upright habit and settles down to flower in the second or third year from planting. One thing we have noticed at Magnolia Grove is that 'Aurora' will flower like clockwork every year while other varieties seem affected by the weather and flower later and earlier some years.

Daybreak is an unusual apricot pink and is a late season flower due to the parentage based in the yellow American species M. acuminata. If you look at an individual flower you probably won't be impressed, but the overall effect of the tree in flower is an eye catcher. The crown of the tree is quite columnar, and tends to be 1/4 to 1/3 as wide as it is high.

Magnolia 'Genie' is a breakthrough in magnolia breeding. It is important to name plants carefully to stir the imagination. When naming plants it is important to capture some essence of the plant, and "Genie' came about from the magical qualities "She" possesses. The question soon came up: "Has she granted 3 wishes?" If you consider the qualities of the plant she has: A GOOD GARDEN PLANT: it has healthy foliage, doesn't grow too large. CONSISTENT COLOUR: it flowers for about ten weeks through spring and again in summer with a consistent red colour. A GOOD BREEDER: M. x 'Genie' shows the potential to upgrade any hybrid cross that was originally done with M. liliiflora 'Nigra'.

'Genie' has gone on to form the foundation of 90% of the breeding work at Magnolia Grove.

In 2011 'Genie' won first prize at the International Plant trade Fair at Essen, Germany. This gave Magnolia Grove a strong step onto the world stage of magnolia breeders.

So far 'Genie' has proved hardy to -24*C in Hungary. There is nowhere in New Zealand that we can test this since any region that gets that cold here will kill magnolias in summer. 

This hybrid bred by Ian Baldick was raised from the English classic variety 'Lanarth' and is a very good substitute for this variety. It has a similar upright habit and will begin to flower at about 3 or 4 years from planting with luscious purple flowers. Expect 4.5m in 10 years.

A small upright tree of slender habit with cup shaped blooms of strong rose-purple. Early to mid season flowering. Bred in New Zealand by Mr Peter Cave. One of the best "purple" magnolias. Deciduous. Height estimated at 4 metres in 10 years (width 1.5 metres)

This is a very recent hybrid from Ian Baldick and acknowledges his wife Shirley's support over the years.

The growth habit is quite upright to slightly spreading tree with delicate pink perfumed flowers that reflect the M. sprengeri diva and M. cylindrical parentage.

This is another yellow hybrid that has exceeded expectation as it has improved in colour since the first flowering. The narrow branch angle means Sun Spire has a quite narrow habit, but it may eventually spread with age like most other fastigate trees if it doesn't get enough full sun. This is a hybrid of M. Woodsman and M. Elizabeth which makes it a sister to Sunsation. The flowers of Sun Spire will have a slight pink base when the weather is cooler. We estimate Sun Spire will reach about 4m in 10 years.

This hybrid has proved to be one of the reliable yellow hybrids to flower mostly before the foliage develops. Rich creamy yellow flushed pink blooms look quite golden with the sun shining through them. The tree forms an upright columnar crown with laterals that develop layers of twiggy branches with clusters of flowers.

This variety was raised by Ian Baldick of Drury, South Auckland and is an exceptional addition to any collection. The flower is very similar to the sprengeri  'Diva' parent, but blooms appear at the end of the seaon on bare branches when most other magnolias are past their best. It will reach 4m tall by 2.5m wide in 10 years.