Brixton Salmon flowered 4 years from seed and is a hybrid of 'Genie' x 'Sir Harold Hillier'.We didn't propagate it for a few years due to its strong growing habit, but as it was an unusual rich salmon colour and flowered profusely we have done a few. Be prepared for a large growing tree, but also be rewarded with many flowers over a long season in spring, as well as summer flowers.

This is a Felix Jury hybrid and probably the most famous of his hybrids from Magnolia 'Mark Jury'. Huge rose pink bowl shaped blooms cover the tree in spring and the tree blooms heavily from a young age, often setting buds in the nursery. It develops into a large rounded tree, and can be pyramidal in the first 6 to 8 years. Expect 5-6m in 10 years.

This variety was raised about 1996 by Vance Hooper at Duncan and Davies and named after his mother. It is a cross between M. liliflora 'Nigra' and M. mollicomata 'Bernie Hollard' and it combines the best of both parents being free flowering and with a compact habit. The warm rose pink flowers are all held upright and are a bright colour. This brightness has made 'Margaret Helen' very popular in the northern hemisphere where lower light intensities need bright colours to make a statement.

This is a big grower with the original plant at Caerhay's Castle being 38 years from seed and 50 feet tall and wide in 1991. It was then named after the head gardener at the time. Peter Cave imported it to New Zealand and propagated some plants. It is another hybrid between M. campbellii and M. sargentiana var. robusta. The flower is described as reddish purple outside and pink within. In New Zealand we expect it to get to 6m in 10 years, and flower at about 5 or 6 years of age.

This tree was raised at Chyverton in Cornwall and named after Treve Holman who developed and planted most of Chyverton. Imported by Peter Cave, it is thought to be a hybrid between M. campbellii and M. sargentiana var. robusta. Historically it was M. sargentiana var. robusta that was the easiest plant to set seed at Caerhay's Castle so there were many seedlings and hybrids planted in the gardens of southern England. 

It is a large growing tree but well worth the wait if you have the space. We estimate it will flower after about 5 years from planting. Expect 6m in 10 years.

This variety was raised by Ian Baldick of Drury, South Auckland and is an exceptional addition to any collection. The flower is very similar to the sprengeri  'Diva' parent, but blooms appear at the end of the seaon on bare branches when most other magnolias are past their best. It will reach 4m tall by 2.5m wide in 10 years.