Desert Garden (2)

This is all about the Desert Garden Collection of plants. People are surprised when they see the collection we have growing in the ground at Magnolia Grove. We have on average 1400 to 1500 mm of rain per year, and we can have temperatures down to around -6 or even -8 Celsius. The article dealing with establishing the Desert Garden helps explain how we have achieved this.

Welcome to the Desert Garden Gallery where you can get a sneak preview of the plants we can grow in the ground at Magnolia Grove.
Thursday, 25 April 2013 08:55

Guidelines for Establishing your Desert Garden

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This is the outline for a presentation on the subject at Magnolia Grove for the Rhododendron and Garden Festival 2010 BOTANICALLY SIMPLE : We have a few main plant families that create the basic structure.Agave 20, Aloes 33, Cereus types…

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