This has been grown for many years by Peter Cave and is probably Michelia floribunda. Aptly named as it has masses of creamy scented flowers on a rounded tree to 4m in 10 years. New growth is covered with silky bronze hairs like a shiny cinnamon dusting, and the plant is quite hardy with inland climates like Putaruru. We just added a gallery of photographs below taken 22/6/13.

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This is a hybrid with wonderful perfume. It is difficult to propagate but we have managed to do it after years of experimentation.

It a native plant of Java and is grown throughout South East Asia so it is a little tender and can only tolerate a few degrees of frost. It can be grown successfully in a container where it will flower more profusely as long as it is given fertiliser and water on a regular basis.

Once you smell the delicious perfume you will never forget it. Reputedly to be the base for the perfume "Joy".


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This variety was selected at Duncan and Davies in the 1950's or 60's when it layered better than the other forms by setting flower buds on the first year layers. The tree has a rounded canopy with masses of flowers that fill the garden with a spicy sweet perfume. LARGE 1 METRE PLANTS

This hybrid arose as a rootstock seedling at the Auckland Botanic Gardens and is an interesting combination of the two parent species. Ice white well formed blooms with a deliciously sweet and spicy perfume on a rounded small to medium tree. It flowers so profusely that we had difficulty establishing growth from the first grafts collected. A welcome addition to the range of evergreen magnolias.

This is an Australian hybrid between M. doltsopa and M. laevifolia (yunnanensis) that forms a pyramidal tree with horizontal branches that present the perfumed white blooms very well.

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