This is a hard colour to describe other than intriguing. A definite collectors plant with unusual bronze toned outer tepals with also smoky purple, and an unusual rich cream interior. The plant s compact and upright with rich dark green summer foliage. Expect about 4m high x 3m wide in 10 years.

This is one of the best coloured yellow hybrids forming a small to medium sized rounded tree to about 4m in 10 years. It has received mixed reviews overseas with many references saying it takes up to 10 years to settle down to blooming, but this is DEFINIETLY NOT OUR EXPERIENCE. We have had Butterflies flower in the nursery as 2 year old plants, and in most cases you should have flowers in the second year from planting once the twiggy lateral structure has developed.

The delicate bright yellow flowers sit up like little bright butterflies.

Daybreak is an unusual apricot pink and is a late season flower due to the parentage based in the yellow American species M. acuminata. If you look at an individual flower you probably won't be impressed, but the overall effect of the tree in flower is an eye catcher. The crown of the tree is quite columnar, and tends to be 1/4 to 1/3 as wide as it is high.

This is a broadly conical tree with quite horizontal branches that display the rich yellow flowers very well. The flowers come mostly before the foliage in spring. Expect about 4.5m in 10 years.

This yellow hybrid is one of the most reliable yellows in our experience. It flowers freely every year with most of the flowers coming before the leaves. It forms an upright to spreading tree.

This is a selection of the species M. acuminate subspecies subcordata from Japan. It makes a compact pyramidal small tree and one of the best clear yellows available in New Zealand.


This is one of the nest yellow hybrids raised in Belgium and it has well formed cup shaped blooms. The tree has a rounded to slightly conical habit reaching 5m in ten years.

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This is Os Blumhardt's best yellow hybrid raised from M. x brooklynensis hybrid x M. acuminate 'Miss Honeybee'.

The flowers mostly appear before the elegant healthy foliage is produced. Bonus summer flowers are also produced amongst the foliage to add interest, especially when there is summer rain.

This variety has grown in appeal as it developed from one of the earliest plantings at Magnolia Grove. It forms a rounded tree to about 4m in 10 years and flowers over a very long period from spring to early summer.

This is another yellow hybrid that has exceeded expectation as it has improved in colour since the first flowering. The narrow branch angle means Sun Spire has a quite narrow habit, but it may eventually spread with age like most other fastigate trees if it doesn't get enough full sun. This is a hybrid of M. Woodsman and M. Elizabeth which makes it a sister to Sunsation. The flowers of Sun Spire will have a slight pink base when the weather is cooler. We estimate Sun Spire will reach about 4m in 10 years.

This hybrid has proved to be one of the reliable yellow hybrids to flower mostly before the foliage develops. Rich creamy yellow flushed pink blooms look quite golden with the sun shining through them. The tree forms an upright columnar crown with laterals that develop layers of twiggy branches with clusters of flowers.

This hybrid has flowers of a subtle creamy yellow overlaid with pink. The tree forms a rounded canopy with fairly strong central leader, and is suitable for a shade tree on a lawn edge.

This is one of the larger flowered yellow hybrids with a slightest hint of pink in the base of the flowers. We are impressed with this hybrid as it flowers mostly before the leaves with good sized blooms. It is performing well for us although it got a difficult site based on poor ratings we had seen for it. A rounded small tree to 3.5m in 10 years.

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