This was introduced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University in Boston. It is derived from Magnolia stellata Waterlily and inherits the characteristic of showing a hint of pink, especially in a cool season. This is a very free flowering plant which makes a rounded to upright bush to 1.2m in 10 years. As with all magnolias may be pruned to limit size if eventually needed. We only have low graft bushes.

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This is one of the darkest pink and frilliest flowered of the stellata type magnolias. We only have standard grafted plants this year that are grafted at 50 - 60 cm above the ground, and this allows you to grow hostas and other perennials under the plant and add another layer to a small garden. Jane Platt is also one of the more compact stellatas, reaching 1.5m in 10 years.

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This hybrid was raised in the first forest of seedlings planted at Magnolia Grove.  The foliage on 'Mighty Mouse' is also to scale with mature leaves being only 5 to 6cm long. We have a clump of 3 plants in the collection and they are about 1m tall after 6 years from grafting.


This variety is a Genie hybrid with similar red coloured flowers in perfect miniature. The foliage, flowers and growth rate are all perfect miniature. These standard grafts are ideal for under planting with miniature hostas and will form a bush about 1m across in 10 years. The standards are grafted at about 50 -60 cms.

This is a large bush or small tree bred by Ian Baldick. I has a compact habit and flowers freely from a young age in spring and summer. The flowers are almost goblet shaped and red-purple. Expect 2.5 to 3m in 10 years.

This is another good pink coloured stellata variety with very full flowers with many tepals. It is probably the most vigourous stellata variety so you can expect 2.5m in 10 years.