NZ Raised Magnolia Collection

This page lists magnolia varieties raised in New Zealand either by naming hand pollinated seedlings, chance seedlings, or seedlings imported to New Zealand in the 1950's and 60's.

Magnolia Stellar Gem had a limited release in 2017 through selected independant garden centres. It is an interesting improvement on Starwars with a compact upright habit and a free flowering habit for both spring and summer blooming.

Magnolia Stellar Gem

Magnolia Vairano

Magnolia Collection Index

This is a list of the general collection of magnolias at Magnolia Grove which includes species and varieties imported over the last 120 years or so. No magnolias have been imported to New Zealand since 2006 to prevent the importation of Sudden Oak Death and other diseases.

This is a hybrid raised by Os Blumhardt, but named in Switzerland at the Eisenhut collection.

Vairano grows into a medium sized rounded tree with amazing flowers of strong texture that are quite weather resistant, and lightly fragrant.

Magnolia stellata Dawn grafted standard

Magnolia stellata Dawn bush

Desert Garden

This is all about the Desert Garden Collection of plants. People are surprised when they see the collection we have growing in the ground at Magnolia Grove. We have on average 1400 to 1500 mm of rain per year, and we can have temperatures down to around -6 or even -8 Celsius. The article dealing with establishing the Desert Garden helps explain how we have achieved this.

Welcome to the Desert Garden Gallery where you can get a sneak preview of the plants we can grow in the ground at Magnolia Grove.

Guidelines for Establishing your Desert Garden

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